TravelBadge Germany

TravelBadge Germany is a geocaching game where you can collect badges for every town in Germany (with more than 2000 inhabitants) you visit. You get 10 experience points for each badge and gain a level every 50 experience points. Trophies can be discovered when you visit some placemarks and give you more experience points. Under the menu “QUESTS” a wizard sends you to a quest for the nearest trophy you can get.
If you click on a badge or trophy you will be redirected to the wikipedia page of the place (if there is any).


  • check your location with WIFI or GPS to find badges all over Germany
  • get a badge for every town you visit! (over 8000)
  • get Infos from Wikipedia for every place!
  • find special trophys while visiting rare placemarks
  • solve quests for extra points
  • get experience for every badge or trophy and gain levels
  • uses openGeoDB data of Germany
  • cool graphics -> powered by andEngine
  • catch them all pokemon style ;o)

You can find it in the market at:

Or scan this QR-Code with your phone:

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